Outfit Inspiration and Tips for Engagement Sessions // Kayla Snell Photography // Austin, Texas Wedding Photographer

Engagement Session Outfit Inspiration Austin Wedding Photographer

In the past few years, I've had multiple clients ask me the same question over and over again, "What should we wear for our engagement session?". I'm far from a stylist, but I can appreciate a well-styled outfit when I see one! From my experience as a photographer, I've learned what photographs well and what should be avoided when it comes to picking out the perfect outfit for an engagement session.

I decided to write this post because recently I was in your shoes, searching for the perfect outfit to wear for a shoot. As camera shy as I am, I decided it's time to get some photos of myself so I can share more about who I am with my clients and followers! While I was searching for a dress to wear I scrolled past lots of dresses, only choosing ones that represented me best. I also tried to avoid anything with distracting patterns or bright colors.

Why am I telling you about my late night internet shopping? Because I realized that everything I was looking for in an outfit is what my clients should think about when choosing outfits for engagement sessions - comfortable, simple, timeless, and something that feels like YOU! Below are a few outfit inspiration boards that I came up with to give direction when it comes to engagement session outfits.

*** side note - no pressure if these outfits aren't something you'd normally wear, I know everyones style is different and I want you to stay true to yourself!



Think long flowy dresses that you can twirl around in. Dresses that will show texture and movement. Neutral or muted tones and simple patterns. Romantic & timeless.

Engagement Session Outfit Inspiration Austin Wedding Photographer


For the casual girl that still likes to dress up!  Fun (yet subtle) prints, with unique & flirty design.

Engagement Session Outfit Inspiration Austin Wedding Photographer


I offer my couples an outfit change during engagement sessions if they want to take some laid-back photos together in everyday wear. These outfits are also great for an in-home session! 

Engagement Session Outfit Inspiration Austin Wedding Photographer


When it comes to menswear I am far from an expert, but here are a few ideas to get you started! Again, aim for neutrals or muted tones, avoid busy/distracting patterns, and keep it simple. Less is more!


Engagement Session Outfit Inspiration Austin Wedding Photographer

Let's be honest, most of us aren't models so we aren't 100% comfortable in front of the camera. If you're wearing something that makes you feel confident AND comfortable I guarantee you'll have so much fun during your engagement session and you will feel like a model by the end of the shoot! Hope this helps some, I'm always available to answer any questions and help my couples with outfit choices.

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