SXSW Free People Shoot with Olivia Watson

My friend Olivia from Livvyland was recently asked by Free People to help promote their presence in Austin for SXSW and I am so glad that she came to me to take the photos! FP sent her a few pieces of clothing to use for the shoot and she added a little of her own style to each outfit, while still keeping the free people boho feel. We decided to take the photos at Mckinney Falls to avoid the sxsw crowd and to go for a more natural feel. Last time I was at Mckinney it was gorgeous, but when we arrived we realized winter had taken its toll on a lot of the trees and most of them were bare so we had to scout out some greenery. Despite the dead trees and all of the people that kept stepping in our shots I think we managed to get some nice photos in and Free People even featured one of my photos on their Instagram! Check out Olivia's Dress & tank posts to learn more about each piece in her outfit!